Tulsa, Oklahoma based engineering firm Devco Process Heaters (DPH) is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Since its beginning, DPH has sold over 110 heaters, issued POs to local fabricators in Tulsa worth over $9 million, and had total sales valued at over $42 million.

Devco Process Heaters began in 2005 as a subsidiary of Devco USA, now both Houston Interests Companies, and has been led by President Roy Simmons since that time. Though primarily serving clientele in the oil and gas industry, DPH has designed and supplied heating systems for a number of other industries including food, petrochemical and refineries.

DPH works with several local fabricators, including BLM, Arc Masters, and Tower Components Inc., to build their heaters. Eddie Michels, President of BLM/Arc Masters said that they have been working with DPH for almost the whole 10 years. According to Mr. Michels, “DPH seems to be going opposite of the trend in the Tulsa area” of business slowing down as the price of oil has dropped, and has been their only customer who has continued to have steady growth in recent months.

According to DPH President, Roy Simmons, “One of the advantages DPH has over most of our competitors is our complete business scope. From design and fabrication, to completed product is all done completely within Tulsa and the surrounding communities. This local advantage allows us to maintain continuity from conception to completion for all of our heating systems. ”

Here are just a few of the ways that Devco Process Heaters has led the industry in the last 10 years:

Devco Heathers

Pictured is just one of several types of heaters that Devco Process Heaters specializes in, including direct fired, convective, and indirect.

Devco Process Heaters has sold and installed their heaters all over the world including countries in North and South America, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia. Some of their larger customers have included Conoco Phillips, Honeywell, and Energy Transfer Company.

For more information about Devco Process Heaters, visit our website at www.devcoheaters.com

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