Houston Interests is proud to announce that we recently signed an agreement acquiring the remaining ownership shares of Devco and River Consulting from Kinder Morgan. This was a company goal for 2015 and has been achieved ahead of schedule.

Doug Houston, owner and CEO of Houston Interests, in a letter to employees regarding the acquisition called the agreement a “very important milestone in the company’s history”, and went on to discuss the tremendous growth that we have seen over the last few years. Regarding this growth he said “All indications are we will not slow down as we continue in our quest to become the premier Technical Company in each of our industry sectors.”

This event will not cause any immediate changes in Houston Interests’ operating methodology or reporting structure, and Doug Houston will remain as CEO of all the Houston Interests Companies.

These acquisitions will create additional flexibility in unification of branding, clarification of our offerings to the global marketplace and expedite the finalization of our operational initiatives across Houston Interests companies.

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